Our Company

Our love for fish and their beneficial effects on our health, lead us to set up “Select Fish”, in 1995. “Select Fish”,  is now one of the largest companies of its kind in Greece and. Dimosthenis Georgopoulos, after having a long and successful career in the fish business, he made his vision a reality, by creating one integrated unit for the distribution, and process of domestic and imported fish products. The new privately owned building, adorns the Industrial Park of Ano Liosia.  The modern requirements, but most of all the response and confidence that customers show  to “Select Fish”,  products , drives us to always offer quality products at competitive prices, with responsibility and consistency.

Due to nature of the fish products, high maintenance specifications are required, in order to provide consumers, products with intact nutrients and flavor. In “Select Fish”,  excellent quality, consistency and expertise are our strength as well as our main concern. Therefore our processes are performed under strict daily checks. Moreover, the fish:

• Are collected in specific packaging with ice, at 0-4oC

• Are stored in a refrigerator according to ISO standards

• Are delivered to the customer after having followed all the necessary safety standards.

The fish are freezed on board or ashore and transported by refrigerated trucks to “Select Fish”, packed in cartons. Then, the frozen goods are stored in the freezer to -18oC.

The packaging of the products has specific labels that displays the commercial and scientific name, origin, size, date of harvesting-packaging date, the catch area (FAO) and the time and storage conditions. Finally, the storage and handling of fish is below freezing conditions i.e at 0-4oC.

In our factory we use the most modern methods of processing fresh fish, in order to ensure the high quality, freshness, taste and maintenance of all their nutritional ingredients. “Select Fish” is an environmental friendly company, since it destroys all of the byproducts in government approved units. Daily, more than 85 different kinds of fish are processed and packed quickly by experienced and well trained staff, ensuring prompt service to our customers. The safety and hygiene of our products during the manufacturing process is ensured by strict control over all critical points under international standards of  ISO 22000:2005.

Our People

In an area of 2340 square feet, our experienced and specialised staff works under the best conditions 24 hours per day, in order to ensure the best quality of the products, but also the prompt service of our clients. Responsibly and in strict compliance with all hygiene requirements, the employees receive, package or re-package and redistribute the merchandises from the moment of their arrival in the greek territory or their harvesting

Our Clients

Our clients are the biggest fish merchants, Restaurants, Hotels, Taverns, Fish taverns, known super market chains, which number over 185 selling points. Important 185tant role to our excellent cooperation is the well organized network with our own refrigerated trucks that are equipped with the refrigerator chambers. Our goal is to constantly enrich our range of products, ensuring their quality and covering a wide distribution network in all the cities of Greece and abroad, always driven by the prompt service of our clients.

Our Partners

Our partners are companies grounded in the industry/business which they meet the high standards of fish, as they are defined by the international laws. The biggest part of our products are imported from the Atlantic, the Mediterranean and the North Sea and from countries such as Senegal, Morocco, Oman, New Zealand, Spain, France and Norway, and they are divided into the following categories :

CEPHALOPODS MOLLUSKS (*squids, *Illex, *Cuttlefishes, *Octopus)

The frozen cephalopods mollusks can be thawed, processed and marketed as frozen-defrosted, labeled by the instructions of EFET.

MALACOSTRACA (*Shrimps, *Crabs, *Lobsters, *Crayfish)

FISH (Hole, headless and gutted fish of all varieties, as well as slices and fillets).