Our Projects

One of our biggest Projects at this moment is the Modified Atmosphere Packaging.

The modified atmosphere or otherwise known as MAP is a controlled environment that enables the food packaging to have an extended shelf life without requiring the addition of chemical preservatives or stabilizers, but only with the continuous storage of products at the temperature of 0-4 º C.

The results of this method do not only concern the lifespan and the non-addition of preservatives, but also the growth delay of aerobic microorganisms and the rate of oxidative reactions. Additionally, it helps to maintain the humidity of the food and also to maintain the freshness, the smell, the taste and the colour of the fish.

The four parameters, whose combination can provide the desired effect, are:

  1. The quality of the product which we package: we only fish of the best quality.
  2. The temperature: the most ideal temperature is from 0 to 4C.
  3. The right gas mixture of, consisting of a combination of gases, which are Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen and Oxygen.
  4. Machines and Packaging materials: the process of formation is done with thermoforming.